Sarah’s Updates, A Car for Mozambique

Hi everyone! This is a huge request but I am in desperate need of a
new car to continue my ministry here in Mozambique. The car I am
currently driving has had lots of problems and has now broken down on
me twice within the last couple of months while I’ve been 2 hours or
more outside of the city. It’s no longer reliable. I also do not
think it is wise to spend anymore money on fixing the problems.
However, I also cannot be without a car as it is invaluable to my
ministry among the street kids here in Maputo. My car is used for the
shopping we do for Masana, the project I work with. We use my car for
all of the visits to doctors and most importantly for reintegration.
Each week, we are visiting families of the boys that have already
returned home or are in the process of returning home. Without a car,
this is not possible.

Unfortunately, cars in Mozambique are not cheap. The transmission in
my current car has gone out again so I’m not even sure I can sale it
to help towards the cost of a new car. I am thinking I will need at
least $10,000 to purchase an SUV or truck that will serve the needs we
have with Masana.

If you are able to give specifically towards a new vehicle, please
send donations to the below address and mark the check “Masana -
vehicle”. Checks can be made payable to Unveiled Faces and all gifts
are tax-deductible. Put MASANA VEHICLE in the memo.
Unveiled Faces
PO Box 8235, Atlanta Georgia 31106

Or to give online please click here:

Please be praying for the Lord’s provision of a new car so that I can
continue in my ministry of returning street kids to their families!

Sarah Olds.

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