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I just saw a post from Junior in Haiti— and I thought to include it here.  It is simple and true.  "Junior is dreaming… big dreams… impossible dreams… God-sized dreams. Give to Haiti. Give to the dream. "  if you have any questions please email us at — we would love to hear from […]

HAITI DONATION, through Church of Philadelphia, Unveiled Faces

Unveiled Faces which is an outreach under the 501c3 of the Church of Philadelphia in Durham NC– has a missionary in Haiti, JUNIOR BATAILLE, who is partnering in the relief effort of different organizations.  We will be giving updates as to what is going on and how the donations are helping the people or helping […]

Every Person Has a Story

Currently, we are going to feature the story of our missionary, Junior Bataille, in Haiti.  He has been partnering with The Jean Cadet Restavek Foundation to create awareness concerning child slaves in Haiti– his efforts were on CNN.  Junior has also been partnering with his father’s church and ministry, Gerald Bataille Ministries in which he was […]

Junior’s Updates, Perfect! It all worked out as expected…

Perfect! It all worked out as expected… 3082009 As I planned many months ago, and as you probably already know, I am in the United States preparing for my next adventure.  What might surprise you is that my next adventure will look a lot like my last adventure.  If you are wondering how working to liberate […]

Junior’s Updates, Watching lives change.

Watching Lives Change 26072009 Imagine receiving your first hug as a teenager.  This comes after spending all of your life belonging to another.  Not as a child or a friend to be loved, but as an object, an appliance; like an old vacuum you are loaned to your neighbor.  You have no belongings, no time for […]